Martin Pye aka 'The Kid' - Riverbourne Distillery

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

After earning the endearing nickname "The Ghost" due to my my travels to over 40 Australian distilleries but never visiting my neighbour just an hour down the road. I finally made the treck in a borrowed four-wheel drive to visit Martin Pye from The Riverbourne Distillery.

Meet the Maker

Distiller - Martin Pye

Martin Pye - Also know as "The Kid" - a nickname fondly given to him by his mate Crafty Field of Craft Works Distillery. 'The Kid' describes his personality perfectly. Young at heart, with a razor-sharp sense of humour. Crafty and the kid is what true Aussie mateship looks like. These two are always messing around, helping each other out at each other's distilleries despite the great distance. Their friendship has lead to a hilarious series of Facebook posts featuring 'Crafty and the Kid' on the Craft Works inner circle facebook page.

I spent the day with Martin at the distillery, he put me to shame when mashing in showing true farmers strength, making back-breaking work seem effortless, while poking fun at my lack of shoulder strength. "A shoulder reconstruction is no excuse!". I certainly hope I am that fit and full of energy when I am older! The story behind the logo

Riverbourne R Symbolism

This is a graphical representation of the letter R which relates to the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of good health. This symbol also stands for Recipe and is written before all subscriptions in the pharmaceutical industry. This ties back to Martins previous work and background in biochemistry and microbiology.

A farmer and a pharmacist! This certainly helps when it comes to making a premium drop of whisky and rum.

But the deepest hidden meaning of all... Riverbourne has an R at the beginning *SHOCK*. Such a simple design with so much meaning, I love it!

In all industries, there are people and products that are hidden gems to the wider consumer base. As people tend to stick with larger brands that are familiar. ITS TIME TO GET ADVENTUROUS! Try something new, try something local, get to know the people behind the brands and the stories that add so much more enjoyment to your dram. The craft spirits industry in Australia is growing significantly but still so very small in the scheme of things. Martin is a sterling example of a craft producer. Such a humble man who puts so much love and passion into his products. After investing numerous year, countless hours, his kids inheritance... The wait is over! Now you can finally get your hands on 3 unique and truly incredible products that I highly recommend!

Let me know what you think of his fine work check them out on his website.


If you have a favourite local bar or bottle shop and want to see these small-batch local products please get in touch through his site and spread the #LocalSpirit Read more about his 3 expressions bellow, Whisky and Rum!